(Italy) engineers develop high-quality amplifiers based on the advanced technologies. Since 1995, thanks to their R&D Dept.'s minds, the high-quality of the Powersoft product's components, the attention and precision of the Production Dept., the rigid and deep testing process done on each unit, Powersoft amplifiers are extremely reliable and do not require a particular maintenance by the user. Italo Trading serves only Brazilian Territories

POWERSOFT www.powersoft-audio.com - Audio Manufacturer, Italy


(United States) Switchcraft, in Chicago Illinois, is a leading supplier of a broad line of components for the audio, video, telecommunication, computer, medical, military, appliance, transportation and instrumentation industries. With a basic line of over 5,000 standard products and thousands of variations, Switchcraft markets products both domestically and internationally through a network of manufacturers' representatives and independent distributors.      

SWITCHCRAFT: www.switchcraft.com – Connectivity Solutions, United States


(Germany) BUGERA is the hottest new entry in the All-Valve Guitar Amp Arms Race. Look at the list of features and it’s easy to see that this upstart line of all-valve amp heads, combo amps and road-ready speaker cabinets is the answer to tone-crazy guitarists' prayers. The tonal possibilities are simply endless.





BEHRINGER: www.behringer.com – Audio Manufacturer, Germany


(United States) Headquartered in Buena Park, CA, Hosa Technology, Inc. is the leading supplier of analog and digital connectivity solutions to the musical-instrument and professional-audio/video industries. Since 1984, Hosa has provided cost-effective, high-quality cables in the terminations and lengths required for performing musicians, recording studios, and video applications. Similarly, the company offers an extensive collection of connectors and adapters that enables one to integrate their equipment into most any environment.


HOSA: www.hosatech.com – Analog and Digital Connectivity Solutions, United States


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