The key to increasing your sales.

We have  several years of experience representing companies in the area and that  gives us a clear understand what is the manufacturer expectations for its sales. We measure distributors performance monthly and make sure they are on track with the agreed target.

Trade Shows

Every year we attend the most important trade shows in our industry


  • NAMM – Anaheim, CA - USA

  • MUSIK MESSE – Frankfurt, Germany

  • SOUND CHECK – Mexico City, Mexico

  • AES LATIN AMERICA – Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • EXPOMUSICA – Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • PL&S – Shanghai, China

If you have a goal, it should start with Italo Trading

Let the staff of Italo Trading show you what real growth is. The numerous companies we have helped over the years were not only impressed by the growth into new regions, but their growth in territories they were already in. Italo has the skills and knowledge to increase your sales

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Export expertise

What makes Italo Trading the first choice for your company in Latin America?

Although the language and the proximity of countries in Latin America might make it seem alike, there are a lot of particular factors that have to be understood deeply and that can play decisive role when setting up a successful strategy for each country.  Understanding the different cultures and political histories allows us, in a very efficient way, to determine the ideal strategy for each of them.

Our Location:We are located in Miami , Florida at the same time zone as most countries in Latin America. Miami Airport offers daily direct flights to all countries in Latin America. This allow us to economically travel the region on short trips and visit all customers several times during the year. More time with customer generally translate into more sales.


We know the secrets of export and distribution!

Knowing the territory is important but also a firm understanding of export and distribution and how this affects your supply chain is also important. Use our knowledge of both the region and export tactics to gain success for your company.


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How we make you successful

We are able to provide product training and seminars for most of the products in our industry. With a qualified team of professionals we can train your customer and introduce new products constantly.

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Knowledge of well known products and merchandise is easy, but we take the time and extra effort to be as familiar as possible with your new, cutting edge products as well, so when we visit the customers, they will feel as though they are with a knowledgable member of your staff

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Export Logistics

We not only help develope your product marketing for new customers, we also help develope your methods for export, resulting in a streamline, cost efficient process that results in customers receiving your items faster.



Italo Trading WILL take your company to the next level. Are you ready to join the Italo Team?

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